Best Thyroid Center Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE Middle East

Best Thyroid Center Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE Middle East

The thyroid gland is one of the largest endocrine glands in the human body, and it should not be confused with the nearby parathyroid glands. It can be found in the neck below the thyroid cartilage also known as Adam’s apple. The thyroid gland is responsible for the production of hormones that regulate our body’s metabolism. It also keeps a check on how your body uses energy, make proteins and ensure how your body should react to other hormones.


Endocrine Surgery Middle East Abu Dhabi UAE Dubai

Endocrine Surgery Middle East Abu Dhabi UAE Dubai

Endocrine surgery isthe division of general surgery which involves the surgical treatment of thediseases of thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. To get these surgeriesdone by using the latest technology, many people travel to UAE. The endocrinesurgery in Dubai-based Al Zahra Hospital is conducted using the minimallyinvasive technique.

Best Thyroid Surgeon Middle East Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE

Best Thyroid Surgeon Middle East Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE

Looking for the latest in treatment and surgery for thyroid cancer, goitre, and nodules? At Al Zahra Hospital, the thyroid surgery department has team of board certified specialist who are skilled in carrying out minimally invasive thyroid surgery in Dubai.

  • At Thyroid Surgery UAE, we provide comprehensive care for thyroid disease including all diagnostic modalities and latest surgical and non surgical surgeries.
  • Our range of services include thyroid goitre, thyroid nodule, thyroid cancer, thyroid surgery, parathyroid surgery, radiology investigation, nuclear medicine, medical oncology, and radiation oncology.
  • All the surgeries mentioned above are minimally invasive surgeries which are carried out under the general anesthesia. The patient is kept in 24 hours observation after the surgery after which they are discharged.

Our team has years of experience in carrying out thyroid surgeries thus helping the patient lead a normal life. For further information, contact us on +971 551010169. 

Thyroid Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE Middle East

At Thyroid Surgery UAE we have the department of Surgical and Colorectal Oncology, Head and Neck Oncology, Thoracic & Pulmonary Oncology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Medical, Pathology & Hematology Oncology, ICU Oncology , Nutritionists to provide the best treatment for thyroid in the Middle East.

5 Step Strategies to Heal Your Thyroid Disorder

Addressing the problems associated with thyroid requires an optimized approach. The Thyroid Surgery UAE Department at Al Zahra Hospital is the best thyroid center in Abu Dhabi. Their surgeons recommend that simply taking a thyroid pill will won’t help. Support, exercise, stress reduction, supplements, reducing inflammation and sometimes eliminating certain foods can also help you heal thyroid disorder.